Colonic Irrigation FAQ's

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

A gentle infusion of warm filtered and sterilised water, which enters the colon via a small tube, inserted into the rectum. This is a continual bathing process which allows the build up of waste matter and toxins to be softened and loosened and then evacuated through your own body’s natural peristalsis, which is gently stimulated by the water.

Where are you based?

We're based at The Sunshine Clinic in Woking Surrey. See the Contact Us page for details.

What is the Libbe system?

The open Libbe system is the latest technology in Colonic Hydrotherapy. This system allows you to be more in control of your own treatment as well as a high level of privacy as the therapist does not need to be present at all times. Small sterile and disposable rectal tubes are used in combination with a specifically designed bed, allows for easy insertion of the tube by yourself.

What is the difference between a colonic and an enema?

Enemas are used to cleanse the lower part of the colon whereas a course of colonic treatments will provide a greater degree of cleansing by removing any impacted matter from the greater colon. Colonic irrigation can help the return of peristalsis which encourages the colon muscles to regain tone thereby leading to more regular bowel movements.

Does colonic hydrotherapy affect good bacteria?

In removing the build up of waste matter and toxins, colonic hydrotherapy creates a cleaner environment where the body’s natural good bacteria will be able to begin re establishing themselves within the body achieving a healthy internal bacteria balance, whilst at the same time preventing an overspill of bad bacteria.

Is it safe to have a colonic during menstruation?

Colonic Hydrotherapy can be very good during this time as it will help decrease the cramps and bloating often associated with menstruation.

Is the treatment uncomfortable?

Most people find a colonic treatment a generally comforatble expereience. If there is impaction in the large intestines there may be some discomfort and some cramping as this is expelled, however once removed the treatment is pleasant and relaxing.

Are there any conditions which mean I shouldn't have a treatment?

There are some contraindications for colonic hydrotherapy, which are as follows:

Recent colon and abdominal surgery Severe cardiac disease
Hernias Cirrhosis of the liver
Uncontrolled blood pressure Diverticulitus
Aneurysm Ulcerative colitis
Crohns disease Abdominal hernia

What are the benefits?

Decreased bloating Increased assimilation of nutrients
Clearer skin Greater vitality
Improved immune system Better digestion
Improved sleep  


How many treatments do I need?

This differs depending on your own personal needs. This is discussed at the first session.

How should I prepare for a treatment?

To make the treatment a comfortable experience it is advisable to avoid eating a large meal immediately before hand. By avoiding red meat, coffee, tea and alcohol you will maximise results.

After the treatment?

Following the treatment, you may feel tired. This is normal.

It is also advisable to: