Here is what some of our clients have to say about us:

My Colon Hydrotherapy treatment at The Sunshine Clinic was the best I have ever had. Louise made me feel right at ease and the treatment was very private and professional. The method used was different to any other I have had and let me be in full control of the situation. The results really were instant and I left feeling lighter and brighter than I have felt in a long time. My tummy feels a million times better and flatter than it was and I will definitely return. In fact I booked my next treatment before I left. Thank you Louise for a really fantastic treatment!

Charlotte Joseph

Since having the colonic hydrotherapy I have had NO bloating after meals which is great! My back and pelvis have been feeling virtually normal instead of having a continuous burning ache which was driving me mad and I generally feel 'lighter' and not congested anymore. It is certainly a treatment that I would definately have again and I am seeing my physio today and will let her know how much I have benefitted from it. Thankyou SO much for making an unusual procedure a very relaxing and positive experience!!


I have had a series of treatments at the Sunshine Clinic and after each one of them I left feeling great and revitalised. Louise is very professional, yet incredibly friendly. I would definitely recommend the colonic treatment to everyone, whether one suffers from any health problems or not. I think we all can only benefit from it and there is really nothing to be embarrased or worried about.

Veronika, Woking, aged 25

Having put up with years of pain caused by symptoms of IBS/digestion problems, I finally stopped procrastinating and booked myself in for colonic hyrdotherapy at The Sunshine Clinic. I met with Louise Knecht my therapist who I cannot recommend highly enough. She was calm, very informative and totally professional in her manner throughout the procedure. Bearing in mind the personal nature of the session, I felt totally at ease with Louise and found the actual treatment very effective. Prior to the therapy, I had always felt quite knotted and tender in my stomach however, that has disappeared overnight. I feel more energetic than I have done in ages and my skin and eyes even look brighter! I have already spoken with friends recommending them to visit the clinic and will be more than happy to return.

Nicki Olyott. (Mrs)

We wanted to say a massive Thank You for your excellent treatments last Saturday. You are just so perfect at your job. Very professional but you also completely put us at our ease. We actually had a brilliant time at Sunshine! We both feel great today. Also we both slept 11 hours and i have to say I have a discernible difference in thought clarity. We will be back!

Paul, Personal Trainer, Weybridge

'I have been suffering with IBS for past 15 years and really did give up finding a medication or a treatment that would help. I finally plucked up the courage to have this procedure and now wish I had done this years ago! Louise is very understanding of the nerves and trepidation you may feel on your first visit. But she was professional and the procedure was surprising discreet. With her help and advice I feel healthier, lighter and better then I have done in years, so thank you!

M Matti, Surrey

When i first heard about colonic hydrotherapy i felt it was something I wanted to try, something that could possibly help alleviate the constipation I had suffered with for years. However the prospect filled me with trepidation despite the reassuring testimonials I had read online and in the press about Sunshine Colonics, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to make that appointment. I am SO pleased I did! Louise's professional yet friendly and reassuring approach to the treatment immediately put me at my ease. Even after the first treatment; I felt cleansed and energised. Laxatives are now almost a thing of the past and colonic hydrotherapy has become a regular part of my 'maintenance' routine. Thank you, Louise!

Mrs D (aged 63) Chertsey, Surrey

I just wanted to say how much difference one appointment has made! My skin has started to clear up and I'm alot more regular now!

Jo-anne, Surrey

The importance and benefits of the treatment were so well explained that any nervousness or hesitation (which I am certain we all have with this treatment) was quickly dispelled. The day after my treatments I felt lighter and more comfortable and so relieved in the knowledge that my system had been cleansed.

Ms White, Surrey

The benefits of a colonic irrigation far outweighed the nerves and apprehension of facing the experience itself. Louise's professional and relaxed manner made me feel comfortable and left my dignity intact. The psychological effect of seeing the elimination of potentially years of waste and possible life threatening bacterias leaving my body in itself told me this was way overdue. Afterwards I was amazed in the difference. I felt so much lighter and my energy levels soared.

Mrs C, Normandy, Surrey

As a man, I'd never really considered colonic hydrotherapy and particularly as I consider myself quite healthy, however a friend recommended it to me after his experience and beneficial affects. I felt anxious initially about my first treatment, but was put at ease and felt quite relaxed with Louise's reassuring manner. I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt afterwards!

Mr Watson

Louise at Sunshine Clinic offers a completely discreet and professional service. I am now a true convert to colonic irrigation after originally being cynical about this procedure. I was initially worried about losing my dignity but after the treatment I felt totally relaxed and had a feeling of total wellbeing. I was given nutritional advice to help alleviate future problems. I have recommended Louise to some of my friends.


Louise is a caring and professional person who offers an efficient and friendly service at 'Sunshine Colonics' I have visited her regularly in the past year and have even got my boyfriend to do the same! The first session can be a little daunting but Louise immediately makes you feel relaxed and in safe hands with her explanations and gentle manner. The process itself leaves you feeling invigorated, refreshed and ready to face the world!

Helen Ash, Surrey